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  • This might not be considered a trick, but it'll probably help a lot of guys who read this. I make sure (and my gains have improved massively) that I do some walking before my workout. Walking and making sure my back is straightened an I'm warmed-…
  • That's a hefty stack of supplements! As far as my own pre-workout nutrition plan, I rarely do anything specific. I stay away from carbs, because they make me feel bloated and tired, which is the opposite of what I want in terms of energy for my w…
  • Great video again. The thing that massively kickstarted my arm growth was greasing the groove with pullups. Palms facing away pullups that is. I have a dedicated biceps workout as per MI40 guidelines. That obviously helps. I find though that i…
  • Great video. I try not to eat pre-workout. At the most, I'll have a protein shake. Certainly no carbs - which is the same as in the video. During the workout? I've never thought about it really. I don't eat at all during my workout. Maybe I…
  • MI40 is a great program for overall bodybuilding results. I use it religiously at the moment. For weight loss, you're going to need two things though: HIIT. It's a must. four minutes a day, sprinting and jogging in intervals of 20 second…