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Rear delts

edited February 2015 in MI40 Questions
This area is on the top of my priorities list, but I am getting nowhere. I am currently doing pull ups, horizontal rows and dead lifts but I have no result to show for. Are there any better exercises that hit this muscles specifically?


  • I started to do the rows with band resistance and I think it does make a difference, Initially I looped a band around a free weight and put my foot on the other end, with one knee on the bench. Then this guy showed me a variation using the band hooked to the cable machine, it works pretty good. I feel like it makes me work the muscle better because the move is more controlled with a constant tension. Similarly I started to do squats with a band and despite months of squats before the band I feel like the band does make a difference. At the very least it makes you mindful of your total body position, I don't feel like I am sticking my rear out as much as I did before the band and I am feeling it pull very tight in the back of my legs and gluts.
  • I heard about using band while training, but I am rather skeptical about it. Thinking about it, I believe it should have numerous positive consequences but I am old school when it comes to my work outs. I haven quite understood how to perform rear deltoid exercise with bands can you elaborate or post a link to a video or something.
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