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Overtraining arms?

edited February 2015 in MI40 Questions
Right now, I'm training my arms twice a week because they've always been my weak point, but someone told me that I overtrain the. Is that true? I do 4 exercises for triceps and 3 for biceps, superseting them. Should I stop?


  • Generally speaking, it is best to do complex movements (bench, pull ups, deadlift etc) when you start your work out and then at the end to do around two isolation exercise for the smaller muscles. Complex movements are hard to do and all of the muscles are involved (when you bench pecks, shoulders, abs and triceps are working), then you just finish your triceps off by doing Skull Crushers and triceps extension for example.
    Also you should change your routine every two or three months as your muscles get use to than movement.
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