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Trap city

edited February 2015 in MI40 Questions
What exercices do you do for the traps? Personally, I do some dumbell shrugs and some behind the back shrugs after my shoulder workout, but I feel that I need to change something so that my traps will continue to grow. Can you recommend me some other exercises?


  • I do not target traps, they just kinda get worked up with a lot of other exercises. For instance, when I dead lift, I use the opportunity to shrug weight lifted when in upright position. Also during rowing exercises I feel them being worked out. But if I wanted to target them I would do shrugs as it is the best movement for this muscle group development.
  • I have impressive traps if I can toot my own horn. I got them from all things by waiting tables. I used to have to lift these trays that were so heavy you could not even imagine. balanced on one hand up to my shoulder and walk. I can easily see where the kettle ball would be a fantastic way to get the same results. Here is the downside though, I do think that my traps contribute to my cervicogenic headaches. I really wasn't thinking form, I was thinking getting the job done so watch your form because the price is a painful one.
  • Come on you cant possibly tell me that your traps are only the result of waiting tables. I can tell you are a avid gym goer so in addition to you waiting tables I am sure you were hitting the bench regularly. Don't get me wrong those things you pulled at work certainly contributed to your muscle growth but without serious weight it is impossible, unfortunately.
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