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Time consumption + Single Mom...Is success possible?

I've read that with Mi40, it's very time consuming. Have any single mom's been able to find time to do the workouts and follow the regimen while being stay at home parents? I can usually make workouts a game for my son so he stays busy. I even bought him baby weights! (2 lbs lol) I would really like to start, but I just want to make sure I can do it and there is hope before I commit. Thank you so much! :)


  • The best thing to do is schedule your time. If you feel you have time constraints, perhaps splitting your workout up would help. You could schedule a session in the morning and a session in the evening. Any success is possible if you mentally prepare yourself to stick to the program. It's got to come from within to make it happen. You can do it and when you develop the habit, it will get easier. Best of luck on your fitness journey.
  • There is a way for sure. I can`t encourage you enough to star working out. It is incredibly good for your body. You will be healthier more energetic and happier. Time will appear somehow, an hour here and hour there and it will be enough.
    Analyze your schedule and see if there are any gaps then try to squeeze gym in those periods.
  • I started working out after I had my son when he was about maybe 18 months old. I used to alternate my routines with teaching him all these stretches that made him very limber. Yoga type moves. He was happy to get on that mat and do a work out, he thought it was fun. We added new things as he got older. The only time I was really pressed to find time was when he first started school. Even though the gym had daycare it just did not work. I used to try to go on my lunch or early in the morning. To this day he goes to the gym with me. Kids make good tension devices, they like when you lift them up on your feet or hold them up. Talk about adding extra weight at regular intervals.
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