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Only loss fat. (not weight)

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been working out for about 5 months but over the last 6 weeks I have really picked up my routine, going to the gym 5-6 days a week.
I am 5"11 and originally weighed about 200lbs and 28% body fat when I realized I needed to get my fat ass in shape.

Over the past 5 months I have got myself down to around 20-21% body fat mainly through working out and not so much from diet. I don't eat overly clean, but I do watch what I eat and drink. The problem I am facing is that while I am losing body fat, I cant seem to shed the pounds. I have actually gained 7lbs of muscle. People at the gym have commented and said it is a good thing, but I would really like to keep my muscle and get down to 195lbs.

Is this just a matter of eating cleaner and increasing cardio? Or are there some other pointers you can give me?


  • If you think that you are building too much muscle in the gym, you should cut back on the resistance training and stick to some cardio for a while. When you do feel the need for resistance training, use lighter weights with much higher reps. Remember, muscle burns calories just by being muscle. Start eating clean and watching your caloric intake closely, you will see even more weight drop off if you do because that is what your body is trying to do right now.
  • Eat cleaner! No matter how much you decrease the amount of food you eat, if you put junk in, you get junk out. That small bite of fried food can be replaced with a much larger piece of broiled chicken enabling you to get good protein and have more food in you for the same amount of calories.
  • For lots of women, fat tends to first accumulate on their butts and the backs of their thighs. But that’s just one part of the problem. All women can get rid easily from cellulite at home by following Joey Atla
  • if you want to keep the muscle then as long as you are not starving yourself and going thur a decent strength training program you won't lose muscle!
  • I would suggest going on the paleo diet. You take out all high glycemic carbohydrates from your diet and you will start losing fat.
  • I suggest you to star counting your calories. This is by far the most efficient method to lose wight. First, do a Google search to find how much calories you should consume daily in order to lose fat. Myfitnesspal app will be very helpful to keep an eye on your calorie intake. But if you think this is too hard, I recommend you to do more cardio and reduce your crbohydrates intake.
  • First of all, congratulations on getting down to around 20% body fat! :D It's important to celebrate small wins as you work towards your bigger goals.

    Don't worry too much about losing weight, you are actually on the right track of losing just body fat instead of losing a combination of fat, water and muscle mass.

    You will look much better by losing fat and maintaining muscle mass because it will result in a toned body instead of the "skinny fat" look that you get when you lose a lot of weight but there's little definition or shape in your body and the stubborn fat in your tummy and thighs are still there.
  • That's the thing, you've lost fat but also gained muscle. As your body fat goes further down, you'll begin to notice more definition and muscle tone. It kind of balances itself out. Just know that you're on the right track.
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