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Bodybuilding at 40

Hi Everyone,

I've just been asking in the other sections of this forum about mi40 and mi40x. I'm really looking to get mi40 for free to see if it would suit me. I've not had any response yet but I though I would quickly ask you all a question. Is mi40 suitable for bodybuilding at 40? I'm 40 you see and I'm not sure if I'm too old to start body building.

Even if 40 isn't too old to start body building is it too old to start with the mi40 workout program? The MI in MI40 stands for mass intentions I believe so I don't know if it means that when you turn 40 you suddenly have a really strong intention to start bodybuilding? Has anyone else here started to body build at 40 years old? What age are all you guys? I think that Ben Pakulski guy is in his twenties isn't he?

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