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Pre- Workout Tricks

edited November 2015 in MI40 Questions
Learn the tricks an IFBB Pro bodybuilder uses for maximum muscle growth and hypertrophy during his bodybuilding workout! If you are looking for the proper training split to build muscle, see how IFBB PRO Ben Pakulski builds big muscle through the best 40 day program design routine in his MI40X program.

Pre-Workout Tricks For Muscle Growth -


  • This might not be considered a trick, but it'll probably help a lot of guys who read this.

    I make sure (and my gains have improved massively) that I do some walking before my workout. Walking and making sure my back is straightened an I'm warmed-up before my warm-up, if that makes sense.

    I used to go straight from my desk job to the gym. So I'd be in a sitting position basically all day. Then I'd go and hit the gym with my back in all kinds of the wrong positions. This just meant I was hitting some muscles groups too much and some not enough, knocking my balance out of whack completely.

    now I do some walking and stretching, making sure I've got a vertical spine before I work out. No more pain, loads more gains.
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