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Ways to increase energy levels?

edited May 2015 in MI40 Questions
I was more active when in my 20’s. Now I feel like I want to do nothing but sit around all day. What are some all natural ways that I can feel more energetic?


  • best way would be not to eat a lot and stuff yourself before workout, you need at least 1 to 2 hours before you start lifting, I my self(which is not recommended) I have few sips of energy drink. It helps me to get it going - I also recommend to get a good night sleep! hope it helps!
  • hey liftfreak, thanks for replay, but thats not what hes asking, I'm pretty much tired all day myself, I go to the gym everyday and take Sunday off to rest - since muscle needs to regenerate, ones you start going for solid month - it be much easier- and you get more addicted :)
  • Here are some ideas that I found worked.

    Power nap for 10-20 minutes.
    Eat some chocolate. Flavonoids found in cocoa have been shown to boost skills and improve mood.
    Eat lots of berries.
    Drink some coffee. Don't get carried away to the point you crash later.
    Avoid energy drinks.
    Enjoy a cup of tea.
    Go outside into the woods if you can, but a park will do. Just 20 minutes will give an energy boost.
    Eat complex carbs like whole grains.
    Laugh, put on a funny movie or show.
    Stretch do a little yoga.
    If you're at home open the curtains let the sunlight in.
    Do something that makes you think fast, like playing video games.
    Take a cold shower.
    Drink a lot of water.
    Be social talk with friends and family.
    Turn up the volume on music and sing along.
    Do something interesting during the sleepiest time of day.
    Good daily dosage of vitamin C.
    Take B vitamins.
    Eat smaller, more frequent meals.
    Splash some water on your face.
    Eliminate stress.
    Have more sex.
    Get a massage.
    Get a thyroid test from your doctor.
    Rotate yogurt into your diet.
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