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Do artificial sweeteners spike insulin?

edited May 2015 in MI40 Questions
This question is related to Diet Coke. Why? Because we all know that we won't find sugar in diet coke, but it is still sweet because of those artificial sweeteners that are used in it's composition and I am wondering if they fool our bodies into thinking they are sugar resulting in an insulin spike. Can someone give me some information on this topic?


  • Most of The lab work done on this topic is on mice, so you cannot extrapolate to humans 100%. But yes. The sweetners change the way the bacteria in your gut work and raise blood sugar.
  • A study has found that zero-calorie sweeteners may alter metabolism and increase blood-sugar levels in some people. Researchers studied about 400 people, and found that the gut bacteria in people who consumed an artificial sweetener were different from the gut bacteria in the people who ate sugar. Participants who used artificial sweeteners also had higher blood-sugar levels than participants who used sugar.

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