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Are there health benefits of a low carb diet?

edited May 2015 in MI40 Questions
Right now I'm in a cutting phase so this means I've lowered my calories intake and my carbs intake also. It was hard in the first few weeks, but now my body got used to this process and I'm feeling better. But I was wondering if there are any health benefits of a low carb diet.


  • There are tons of benefits that you can get from a low carb diet. Aside from fat loss, you get improved insulin sensitivity and you are able to train your body to use fat as fuel instead of relying on sugar for fuel.

    The reason you get a lot of the benefit from a low carb diet is not necessarily because carb is evil, but going low carb automatically forces you to remove the processed food and refined sugar in your diet. At least I hope that's the case. Don't go too low because sometimes it can mess up your hormones and your mood.You don't want to get all cranky :)
  • I personally believe that low carbohydrate diets are not worth it. As this is a bodybuilding forum, carbohydrates a vital part of a bodybuilders diet and can be said to be as important as one's protein. Even though it may have health benefits, I personally don't believe it's worth it.
  • Of course its good for you. It helps you lose fat and cut out refined sugar, processed fat and the sorts. It means your eating healthier, but always keep in mind nothing is good for you over the top. Everything in moderation.
  • There are several benefits to a low carb diet such as: you will lose weight, blood sugar will improve, blood pressure will improve, triglycerides will improve, HDL cholesterol will improve, insulin resistance will be reduced, and insulin levels will drop.
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