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How many hours a week do you work out?

edited March 2015 in Off Topic
I'm curious how many hours a week do you work out on average as a way to maintain your body and fitness level without any other goal in mind? If you do some form of cardio like running or swimming, what is your average total mileage? I want to know because I'm trying to figure out the minimum effective dose of just how much exercise do we need to maintain our level of fitness so we can do other important stuff in life?


  • 1 hour a day, for about 3 days a week. I try to hit chest and back on Sunday, Legs on Monday, and Arms and shoulders on Thursday. That way I'll have rest days in between. Calves and abs can be added to any of these days or you can give them a separate day. This 3 day split keeps you from overtraining.
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