You Need Ben Pakulski's MI40 Workout

What are you doing now? You're playing a game. You've followed some good advice, and then you've followed some bad information and now you're just running in circles wondering how to bring your workout to the next limit. At this point you're probably getting tired of not seeing any gains. Perhaps you're just sick of dealing with a 'weak' body-part. Between hitting plateau after plateau, it's possible your abs are still not any further refined than the day you started your last 'program'. Do these complaints sound familiar? Don't spend another second at a gym until you hear this. If you care about your future fitness, then you NEED to look at the MI40 program.

MI40's breakthrough instruction is led by Ben Pakulski, IFBB professional bodybuilder. His lessons will show you where you're going wrong, and how to correct it. Essentially showing you how to overwrite bad habits, MI40 will help you smash every plateau. By taking into consideration each individuals body needs, MI40 (sometimes called M140) can be customized for your fitness goals so when you learn these new breakthrough techniques, you will know that they are working. For 40 days, MI40 will train and tone you with 40 second sets and rests, the OPTIMAL number when it comes to unleashing your body's own maximum growth potential. This program will also show you the 5 most common training and dietary mistakes, in addition to assisting you break through to the next level of fitness.

When using MI40's program you won't believe the gains you're going to see. Targeted training taught properly will teach you how to elicit new growth by overcoming the anabolic threshold. Your results WILL increase! What is amazing about how you'll do this? MI40 is going to show you how to do it with half the weight. When you use each of these targeted training exercises, called Intentions, each flexion and tension has a distinct purpose which is laid out clearly and in a way that makes perfect sense to your physiology. By using Intentions, you will remove the undue strain from the rest of your body by being able to work on specific muscle and joint groups. Once you are doing all of these motions correctly, you be able to work each muscle to the point of failure, ensuring that you are getting the maximum reward from your time spent at the gym. Another invaluable feature of the MI40 program is learning the proper anatomical function of each muscle, so that you can learn how to manipulate everything in order to isolate 'weak' body parts, getting rid of them for good.

Finally, MI40 has brand new dietary information, to combine with the unique elements of your body type and your fitness goals. With precise nutrient timing and volume that conforms to YOUR goals, MI40 is possibly the most cutting-edge dietary protocol available now. Not only are there scores of success stories to validate this programs effects, these methods are scientifically and medically precise. MI40 is tried and true with ways to train your muscles and leave the gym KNOWING that you have done enough to grow!